About us


There are places on earth that you keep in your heart, wherever you are.

There is a stillness that a place can offer you, asking in exchange only a moment of respite. Here, at Tarnita, in the heart of the mountains and pampered by the soft light of the September sun, dancing on the pontoon the choreography of our first dance as husband and wife, we celebrated a week from the happy event. We were united by the beautiful mountain, by the haughty and green forest and the copper waves took our breath away…we will always come back having in our hearts the emotion of the beginning of our path together.

We hope we left Mr Grig a little bit of our craziness and of our burning love. He offered us a piece of heaven, a night and a day which was endowed by God with all the necessarily ingredients. Tarnita is a cure, a magic liquor and an elixir of life and joy!


Irina and Adrian

Please open the facebook link cabana-tarnita, which can be found in theright of this page, to see the surroundings with the wonderful landscapes from the hikings organized by Grig and his friend, Ionel.


  • Tel: 074 4197826
  • E-mail: office@cabana-tarnita.ro
  • Lacul Tarnita, Plaja, nr. 2
  • Harta
  • GPS : N 46 42.840 E 23 16.129
  • Fumatul interzis in cabana!